We are located in Belconnen in Canberra. We don't have a shopfront but once you have paid the deposit on your items we can arrange a time to look at your beautiful products that you have hired from us.

The hire period is for 4 days. So if you pick up on a Friday, you must drop back off on the Monday. Please discuss with us if there is any issues with this. Even If you return after one day, the price still remains the same.

Most of our larger items are DIY and have to be pickup only due to the size of these. Smaller items we can set up/pack down for an extra fee on top. For setup of items you are chargeable for cost of fuel and a minimum of 2 hours (at $50.00 per hour) for us to style and set these up. We mainly service the ACT region but feel free to contact us if you are a bit further out.

We must receive a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total price when you book your hire items. Unfortunately if the weather isn't on your side we cannot offer a refund as we do not control the weather unfortunately. The other 50% must be paid 2 weeks before your hire date. You will receive an online receipt once you have paid for both of these. We accept payments directly into our bank account or cash but these must be paid straight away to secure your items.

Minimum of $100.00 or half the price of the hire cost ( whatever is higher out of the two). You must pay this before you collect your items but may pay in cash on the day of pickup. You will receive a receipt for this and we will return this bond once items are returned as long as the products aren't broken, no items are missing, items are all washed and cleaned that are required. You can pay cash and we will return this on drop off or pay directly into our bank account and this will be refunded once the items are returned in the original condition. Please allow several business days for the return of this money in returning back into your bank account.

As the majority of our products for hire are not simply "vintage" by name but also by defintion, there may be minor marks on some items, they are by no means defects and don't lessen the quality of the product, they instead, provide additional charm to our range.